Negotiate to Win!

Do you need to get better outcomes when you negotiate but don't know how? Good deals don't happen by chance. Isn't it time you had the confidence and the skills to create the best outcome; a Win-Win?

We are constantly negotiating, in business and also in our personal lives. 

In this Workshop, through a series of interactive scenarios and activities, you’ll learn:       

  • how good negotiation skills can improve outcomes.
  • to increase your confidence as a negotiator.
  • the key processes and what skills are required in each phase.
  • to apply a clear and effective methodology to the negotiation process.
  • the best personal approach to negotiation and managing conflict.
  • to identify and manage your emotions during the negotiation process.
  • to understand other negotiators’ viewpoints, gender dynamics and other key determinants.
  • how to achieve a win-win.


Holmesglen Workforce Solutions – Short Courses 

Participant Feedback

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"We had some great role-plays in this workshop, so we could practice and refine our negotiation skills.

Marion was great as a presenter, really friendly and relaxed. We had a lot of laughs too.

We had people from different businesses and organisations, so I learned a lot from being able to share experiences and find out what works and what doesn’t, in terms of negotiation styles.

We learnt how to plan what you want and how to successfully get a win-win outcome. I’m going to go back to work and use my newfound knowledge."

I participated in the Negotiation Skills workshop, and found it very beneficial for my work in project management. Marion presented a variety of topics on the subject, and gave us an interactive experience. Julia Warren, Landellssigns