It’s tough being a Small Business Owner, you need to be very resilient. 

The challenges facing small business owners are many, social isolation, (especially for those working alone), self-doubt, increased stress, a need to anticipate and find a niche within the continuously evolving business landscape.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to develop the skills required to combat these challenges?
In this workshop you’ll learn how you can use your own innate resilience to increase your business capacity, and that by knowing and understanding yourself, that you can successfully navigate the future, turn adversities into new business opportunities and understand both your clients and your competition.
Resilience isn’t something you are simply born with, it’s something you learn, so join this session to capitalise on your biggest asset – yourself! 

 At the end of the session participants will be able to: 

• Learn to be more resilient in Business, building on your emotional intelligence, mental stamina and sense of purpose. 

• Recognise and capitalise on setbacks in your business, transforming them into opportunities 

• Develop strategies to enhance your work-life balance


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Workshop Reviews

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I would very much recommend this workshop, as I think a lot of business owners need this kind of support.

Marion is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly

The workshop content was very useful and I learned a lot of information, which I can apply to my business.

— Kate Fennessy, Director, Paperboat Digital

I would recommend this workshop, as starting a new business is overwhelming and it’s refreshing to hear similar stories.

The most valuable aspect of this workshop was a sense that as a sole trader I’m not the only one struggling with all the inherent psychological difficulties that are part of owning a business. It was great also to have the opportunity to do some self-reflection.

Handouts were very clear and useful.

— Cheryl Brodie, Freelance journalist

Thanks to Marion from Conocer Consulting at her workshop “Building Resilience for Small Business Owners.  Among the many useful tips, I have many strategies to deal with the difficulties, obstacles and emotions that are encountered.  The strategies allow me to reflect, consolidate and continue to grow and enjoy the challenges and rewards a small business presents.   

Susan Dawson, Managing Director, Golf Calendar