Building Resilience at Work

Discover how to bounce back in the face of adversity at work. It’s the tough lessons that build the strength you need to succeed.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognise that resilience can be learnt, it’s not a character trait you are automatically born with. 
  • Harness your innate resilience, so you can positively change the way you see and direct your work and personal life. 
  • Recognise that a set-back is not a sign of failure and identify it as an opportunity to reflect on your direction and re-assess your purpose. 
  • Understand the inter-relationship between mental stamina, physical endurance, emotional balance and a sense of purpose.
  • Avoid workplace burnout but recognising the physical effects of anxiety and stress.
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Participant Feedback

Make the Difference Staff Conference, Chisholm Institute May 2017

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This workshop has lead me to refocus on many aspects of my life, which I will put into place immediately

Good opportunity to reflect and some great strategies offered.

Learnt simple but very effective ways of Building Resilience

Marion demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of strategies and techniques to build resilience. I was very impressed.

Marion is a very engaging presenter, using role-plays and other techniques to demonstrate how to develop a positive mind-set.

I was encouraged to participate in this workshop and as a result, got the most out of it by sharing experiences and learning from others.

I got so much out of this workshop, which I can apply at work and also in my personal life. 

I’m going to positively change my approach to life and work, as a result of attending this workshop.

I found this workshop helpful to reflect my journey.

Great workshop, fantastic.

Warm, genuine engagement. Good examples. Loved the session.