Building Better Teams

Empowered teams have greater ownership and are therefore much more motivated to contribute to their organisation.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • encourage autonomy and empower staff within a clearly defined framework.
  • hold staff accountable for their outcomes and give them the freedom to do it their way.
  • promote a ‘no-blame’ culture where innovation and creativity are encouraged.
  • facilitate a learning organisation, where staff can continuously learn and by doing so, transform the organisation.
  • identify and celebrate team successes, so staff are recognised for their achievements. 
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Holmesglen Workforce Solutions – Short Courses

Participant Feedback

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"Course notes were really excellent and turned out to be a great way to refresh my knowledge, so I could apply it in my workplace.

The activities were great in giving us an understanding of the stages teams go through to reach success and how to resolve team conflict.

This was a full-day course, but I was engaged the whole was through, because the great presentation style.

I was impressed with Marion’s knowledge of the subject. Her experience in managing teams was really evident."