Expert HR help can put your tourism business on itineraries.

At Conocer Consulting we’re experts in providing HR help and advice on how to create productive and safe workplaces, so that businesses like yours can flourish. We want to reduce your stress and ensure your success by helping you minimise the risks and obligations associated with recruiting and managing staff.

We understand that safety in workplaces within the tourism industry can literally translate to life and death  meaning the difference between being able to continue to operate, or not. At the same time, we understand you need to balance Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) obligations, employment laws, employee engagement and productivity and profitability.

We provide HR help and expertise for small to medium tourism enterprises located in, or around, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula shires in Victoria. We’re motivated to see your tourism venture grow and strengthen the reputation of our region as a fantastic tourist destination locally, and around the world.

You’re the experts in local tourism and a key contributor to the success of the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula shires as destinations to visit and to spend travel budgets. We can help you, help your team understand the valuable contribution they can play in achieving this – both today, and in the future.

Some of the ways we can achieve this are by:

  • Identifying opportunities to improve Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and employee engagement and retention: we’ll work with you and your team to identify opportunities to create a safer and more productive workplace. 
  • Developing employee policies and procedures aligned with your business goals: we’re experts at tailoring a HR framework and planning processes that can be executed with minimum disruption to your day to day operations. 
  • Educating you on best practice HR approaches: we love passing on our knowledge and experience. We offer workshops on HR help topics such how to build resilience at work. Book into a workshop
  • Providing you with HR help and guidance: we can advise you on how to attract, retain, and nurture your staff. 
  • Helping you with workforce planning for now, and the future: together we can look at how to optimise the capabilities in your team, and at the same time, build staff engagement. 
  • Optimising and developing your team when ‘out of season’: we can explore practical and cost-effective ways to develop and diversify your staff members’ capabilities in quieter seasons.
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Conocer Consulting is your ‘year-round ticket’ to developing talent

We understand you have a business to run. We partner with you so that you can stay focused on running a productive and profitable tourism venture. With decades of experience, we know how to achieve this with minimal disruption to what is already working well in your team.

We will work with you to tailor a HR framework, including policies and procedures, to help you meet employment law obligations and OHS requirements. We’ll focus on recommending ways to improve employee satisfaction so that you can retain talented staff members to grow with you.

We understand you are in an industry with a reputation for high turnover, along with the often-transient loyalties of tourism staff. Marion King and her network of HR professionals can help you retain and grow the capabilities of talented employees, starting with recruitment, right through to performance management, and exiting staff.

Employee reward and recognition is important when it comes to keeping valuable employees for the longer term. Often small to medium enterprises express concern that they can’t afford a reward and recognition program – or to pay salaries or bonuses above what their competitors’ might be offering.

At Conocer Consulting, we understand the seasonal rises and falls of consumer spending on the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and surrounds. The region offers enticing natural features of beach and bush, coast and undulating country. Its geographic beauty has attracted a range of creative owner operators, and producers. These factors, along with the overall uniqueness of the stunning Mornington Peninsula makes for a bustling destination in the sunnier months of the year. However, mid-winter brings a reduction in bookings and drop-ins, despite the features of a Mornington Peninsula winter.

Staff are drawn to work in tourism because they share your interest in creating amazing experiences for visitors.

Finding a way to nurture this passion into a career pathway, will help your team members decide whether they’ll stay, or go.

Together, we can build a safe working environment and an engaged team of capable people that are inspired to grow with your business. In turn, your business will increasingly be highlighted as a tourism destination that really looks after, and welcomes, visitors.

We want you to succeed!

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