Expert workforce planning creates great dining destinations.

At Conocer Consulting we’re experts in providing guidance and support in how to manage people well by creating great work places. Effective workforce planning is just one aspect of this.

We provide professional and expert Human Resources (HR) consulting to the hospitality industry located on, or around, Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. We want you to succeed, and at the same time, help grow our region as a wish-list destination locally, and around the world.

We recognise that you’re the experts in hospitality. Yours is an industry highly celebrated by people locally and globally, where longevity of success can be fleeting or one of admirable acclaim for the foreseeable future. We work with you to achieve the latter.

Some of the ways we can achieve this are by:

  • Observing your team in action: we’ll then work with you and your team to identify the opportunities in front of you to create a great workplace.
  • Tailoring and documenting HR policies and procedures aligned to your goals: we’re experts at developing a customised HR framework that is practical to implement.We provide expert advise on Workplace Health and Safety requirements.
  • Empowering you with HR management knowledge: such as offering workshops on how to build better teams.
  • Providing you with HR help and guidance: how to attract, retain, and develop talented managers and employees.
  • Helping you with workforce planning into the future: together we’ll explore how we can capitalise on the capabilities and opportunities an engaged and satisfied team can offer.
  • Helping you make the most of the off-season months: we’ll work with you to identify pragmatic and cost-effective ways to optimise your people resources in off-season times.
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Consider Conocer Consulting as your ‘side of house’

We partner with you in a way where you can stay focused on running a productive and profitable business. Think of us as your ‘side of house’. We will tailor a HR framework, including policies and procedures, to help you meet employment law obligations. Importantly, our focus is on employee engagement, and building great workplaces where staff grow into your future.

By its very nature, we understand that your workplace is one of high stress as back of house, strives to meet front of house and clientele’s demands, driven by high service expectations set by glossy foodie reviews. We also understand you are in an industry known for high staff turnover, along with
the transient nature of hospitality employees. Marion King and her network of HR professionals can help you manage this from recruitment, right through to performance management, and exiting staff.

We also understand the seasonal activity of the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region. 

The region offers enticing natural features of beach and bush, coast and undulating country. Its geographic beauty has attracted a range of creative owner operators, and producers. These factors, along with the overall uniqueness of the stunning Mornington Peninsula makes for a bustling destination in the sunnier months of the year. However, mid-winter brings a reduction in bookings and drop ins, despite the intriguing moodiness of the colder season. 

Staff are drawn to work in your sector because they share your love of beautifully prepared and plated food, locally crafted beverages and attracting excellent reviews in hospitality circles.

Finding a way to nurture this love and individual capabilities and interests into a career pathway, will help your staff decide whether they’ll stay, or go.

Together, we can build a formidable team of loyal back and front of house staff, a dining destination that is in demand and some fabulous industry and consumer reviews.

We want to celebrate your success!