Get to know your local HR consultant.

Hello. I’m Marion King. I am an HR consultant, a specialist in providing guidance and support in how to manage people well. My interest and expertise in HR consulting is to create great workplaces, so that you can grow a productive and profitable business.

A local, by physical address as well as by heart, I am dedicated to helping our wonderful Frankston and Mornington Peninsula shires grow as destinations. Providing HR and people solutions for small to medium sized enterprises like yours — particularly in addressing the more seasonal staffing challenges faced by local hospitality and tourism businesses — can help our region grow.

I work with businesses like yours to develop a practical HR framework aligned with your goals, employment laws and best practice. Together we can define the boundaries of what you expect from your staff. At the same time workforce and succession planning; and employee development, can give your people a strong sense of the opportunities you can offer them for the future.

A well-designed HR framework with clearly defined policies and procedures can attract talent and retain that talent through seasonal ebbs and flows; optimise the capabilities in your team, and reduce the risks to your business, today and for the future.

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Learn more about Conocer Consulting

Over twenty years of experience in people management, leadership roles, and HR consulting including workforce planning, performance management, and offering HR advice has made Conocer Consulting a leader in transforming businesses like yours, to become a workplace and business that thrives.

A team that enjoys coming to work will deliver the quality outcomes you need to grow your business. Your customers will feel the difference. And a safe workplace will keep your liability in check, reduce your risks and keep your reputation strong.

To help build your understanding of, and the value of, effective HR professional practices, I deliver a range of interactive workshops. You can find out what workshops are on offer soon, here.

I can also tailor training to achieve your human resource management objectives. 

Being able to offer emotional support to your staff, is equally as important as ensuring their health and safety in your workplace. When you’re running a growing business, it is near impossible to provide the equivalent of the expertise of a HR department to balance your employee’s needs, and your legal obligations. Conocer Consulting is your HR department, tailored to your industry, your customer base and your business goals.

Diverse connections and expertise

I enjoy what I do, and love immersing myself in what motivates me. As a result, I bring a diverse network of expertise and connections to your business.

I hold the following affiliations:

Why ‘Conocer’?

To pronounce the Spanish word ‘conocer’ the phonetic spelling in English is close to ‘konos-air’ where both instances of ‘o’ are short vowels as in the ‘o’ in ‘hot’.

Conocer roughly translates in English as to be familiar with, people, places and things. And that, is what Conocer Consulting is all about.